Business Portal

The Business Portal is a software which lets small and medium size businesses to get more work done with a smaller staff. It facilitates staff members to conduct their day to day tasks online.

Sales people can manage their to-do lists, customer follow-ups, faxes, phone calls, emails, documents, files, address book, mailing lists online by simply logging into the Business Portal. Marketing folks can work with their clients, vendors & partners from anywhere, anytime. Customers can fill out most of their paperwork online. In short, the Business Portal enables businesses to literally run 24x7!!!

Business Portal also helps business owners to understand their website traffic and to see industry trends. This information can be used to optimize their websites in order to get more business.

Business Portal can be customized to the Business’s needs. If you already has a website, the Business Portal can be easily integrated into the existing website! There are many flexible options to suit every need.

There are innumerable features in the Business Portal all of which can’t be listed here. For more information, please call us at  800-281-2481 or contact us now to learn more.