Mobile Apps

About the Company

SMBFORCE Company Based in New California, US, Mobile Application Development Company has developed iPhone and Android applications for Healthcare, Education, Transport, Retail and other business units. The Company has a dedicated team of mobile applications developer, mobile applications designers and Mobile Application Software Testing for Mobile Applications.

What is Mobile Application Development ?

Several initiatives exist both from mobile vendor and mobile operators around the world. Application developers can propose and publish their applications on the stores, being rewarded by a revenue sharing of the selling price. An example is Apple's App Store, where only approved applications may be distributed and run on iOS devices (otherwise known as a walled garden). There are approximately 700,000 iOS Applications. Google's Android Market (now known as the "Google Play Store") has a large number of apps running on devices with Android OS. HP / Palm, Inc have also created the Palm App Catalog where HP / Palm, Inc webOS device users can download applications directly from the device or send a link to the application via a web distribution method. Mobile operators such as Telefonica Group and Telecom Italia have launched cross-platform application stores for their subscribers. Additionally, mobile phone manufacturers such as Nokia has launched Ovi app store for Nokia smartphones. Some independent companies, namely Amazon Appstore, Aptoide and GetJar, have created their own third-party platforms to reach more users in different locations. The Windows Phone Marketplace is also of the most popular and fast growing App Marketplace for Windows Phone devices. It had more than 100,000+ apps available as of 7-11-2012.

Our Initiative

Mobile Platform represents both a unique opportunity and a unique challenge. The opportunity is in development of games, general utility applications, and business applications that reach out to millions of users eager to tap into Companies Products and Services. While the challenge is in providing "great" user experience and appropriate value added services for the various mobile platforms that are rising these days like Android from Google and iOS for iPhone series of Smart phone from Apple. The SMBFORCE Company has dedicated team of mobile apps developers, designers for mobile applications. SMBFORCE Company has development expertise in the following mobile application platforms:
  • iPhone Mobile Apps
  • Android Mobile Apps

SMBFORCE ensures end to end delivery of mobile applications. This involves requirements analysis, story board creation, coding, testing on simulator, testing on device, and if required as in case of iPhone ensuring that the app is App store ready.

Mobility is the frequently heard word in businesses today. So why should you stay behind? Let us help you develop mobile applications that will connect to our target audience on a one-to-one basis. Personalized mobile interaction will keep your name afresh in the mind of the people hence increased chances of turning to you for any help.

We at SMBFORCE.COM are committed to deliver precise accuracy in our Delivered Products (Mobile Apps) Quality and commitment to deliver it to satisfaction of our clients and the end-user. Be Rest-Assured that you will be fully satisfied by our commitment and the quality and in-time delivery of the final Products.