• Ecommerce
  • Lead Generation
  • Brand Building
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Non-Profit

Website Features

Intuitively designed, user-friendly websites

  • SEO and Internet Marketing to increase customer base
  • Wide range of web solutions, from simple websites to functional websites
  • Online customer registration, appointment scheduling, customer referrals
  • Online newsletters, blogs, tutorials, referrals, surveys
  • Secure, intelligent portals

Internet marketing using SEO

  • Websites optimized for inclusion in the major search engines so they can be easily found by potential customers on the Internet
  • Website includes a combination of Meta tags, keywords and page titles designed to promote automatic search engine indexing
  • See significant gain in revenue once SEO is started

Secure, Intelligent Portals:

  •  Business portal: Manage and track your calls, faxes, SMSs, online to-do lists
  •  Web portal: Understand your web traffic, recognize practice trend
  •  Virtual Sales Team personal assistant services


  •  Update your website blog regularly and stay connected with your website visitors
  •  Provide latest updates regarding your products and services
  •  Add commentary on your producrts and services
  •  Add information that gives your website visitors a glimpse into your company

Client information stored automatically

  • As clients register online, their information automatically gets stored and you can access it anytime from anywhere!

Online address book

  •  Manage all your contacts online
  •  Never lose touch with any of your clients
  •  Manage mailing lists for various client groups
  •  Contact any of your clients instantly by sending them emails

Events Calendar

  •  Manage and share all your important events online